Practical Brussels: apps that make the city easier

17 March 2022
Woman with a mobile phone, Place Rogier


Brussels at your fingertips: that's the promise made by many of the apps that are available on smartphones and make getting around the city easy!

From transport and restaurants to purely practical information (toilets, air quality, tax-free shopping, etc.), this is a non-exhaustive list of the apps that are essential for making the most of a trip to Brussels.

All in one

My Brussels
This app is well known in Brussels and can be very useful for anyone visiting the capital, as it provides useful telephone numbers, weather, points of interest, traffic info and the locations of toilets, drinking water, bottle banks and more.  
App store & Google Play


The Brussels public transport app allows you to plan your journey, consult real-time timetables, find the closest stop, etc.  
App Store & Google Play

Do you need to travel from one station to another? Or quickly reach a commune in the suburbs? The train is sometimes the fastest option. Check the routes and timetables and buy your ticket on the SNCB app.  
App Store & Google Play

Man on a station platform with his mobile phone 
The essential app for finding the closest car park, or the one that best suits your needs (electric charging points, accessible facilities for persons with reduced mobility, etc.).  
App Store & Google Play

Indigo Neo
This app, which is based on partnerships, makes it easier to park underground (pay with your mobile phone, check the available spaces and book your space), and overground, in the partnering communes (Brussels City, Ixelles and Brussels Airport). 
App Store & Google Play

Bike citizens 
The app describes itself as "the first app made for cyclists travelling in urban regions". It is one of the best alternatives for all cycling trips in and around Brussels, with variations such as easy, fast or combined routes. 
App Store & Google Play 

A scooter? The train? On foot? Or even an efficient combination of several means of transport? Citymapper endeavours to optimise journeys according to desires and moods in a clear and easy-to-use interface. 
App Store & Google Play

Scooters & soft mobility

We advise you to read the terms and conditions before using the following services.

Villo: self-service bikes for travelling around the 19 communes of the Brussels-Capital Region.
Available on App Store & Google Play 

Bird: electric scooters. App Store & Google Play  
Blue-Bike: electric bikes. App Store & Google Play  
Bolt: electric scooters. App Store & Google Play   
Circ: electric scooters. App Store & Google Play   
Dott: electric bikes & scooters. App Store & Google Play  
Felyx: electric scooters. App Store & Google Play  
Go Sharing: electric scooters. App Store & Google Play  
Lime:  electric bikes & scooters. App Store & Google Play  
Pony: premium electric bikes & scooters. App Store & Google Play  
Poppy: electric cars & scooters. App Store & Google Play  
Voi: electric scooters. App Store & Google Play

Young people on scooters

Taxis & car services

Air quality

Brussels Air
This app, created by Brussels Environment, tells you the air quality in Brussels at any time, district by district. It can also send an alert during a pollution peak or when the Heat Wave and Ozone Peaks Plan is activated.  
App Store & Google Play

View of the Botanical Gardens

Luggage storage

Nannybag allows you to easily find luggage storage so you can drop off your bags and enjoy the city.  
App Store & Google Play

Traveller in the street with suitcase and mobile phone


The app promises, in 3 clicks, to find public toilets; with the possibility of refining your search in case of specific needs (PRM, free, changing tables, etc.).  
Google Play

Tax-free shopping

The Woonivers app makes tax-free shopping easy for non-EU visitors. Simply scan tickets and bills from shops and restaurants to obtain quick, easy and effective VAT refunds.  
App Store & Google Play

Couple shopping in Dansaert street


RestoLastMinute & TheFork 
These apps are real benchmarks in terms of restaurants and allow users to easily find a suitable restaurant nearly. It is also possible to book a table directly on the app, and even obtain discounts of up to 50%! 
RestoLastMinute. App Store & Google Play  
TheFork. App Store & Google Play

Friends sharing a pizza