Brussels Renaissance Festival 2023

Ommegang 2014

The Brussels Renaissance Festival offers, from 17 June to 8 July 2023, a series of events that showcase European heritage and history during the Renaissance.

The Renaissance period is, without doubt, the most prosperous period of Brussels' history. Holy Roman Emperor Charles V ruled over much of Europe, an empire over which it was said that 'the sun never set'. The most influential figure in European politics chose Brussels as his main residence. The result? An effervescence that permeated all domains: diplomatic, cultural, artistic, etc. It was, it some ways, the first tentative steps towards the construction of a united Europe... which would see Brussels become the capital of 500 million Europeans.


Now, that deserves a festival, wouldn't you say?

The Ommegang

Ready to travel back in time?

Imagine a procession of some 1400 costumed participants, the Grand-Place resplendent thanks to a light show and countless activities inspired by the Renaissance (including an impressive flag-throwing ceremony!). Combining folklore and history, the Ommegang takes us back to 1549, the date of the Joyous Entry into Brussels of Charles V and his son Philip (the future Philip II). For a single, splendid evening, Brussels re-enacts this grandiose episode in a breathtaking production.

Family Day

Want to travel back in time and play historian?

Enter the remains of Charles V's palace and discover the splendour of the Renaissance. During the Family Day, you can dress up as a knight or lady of the court, take part in themed workshops and even practise shooting with a crossbow or wielding a sword! En garde!