About Brussels

Mont des Arts - KunstbergSquare Brussels Meeting CentrePlace Royale - KoningspleinPalais Royal - Koninklijk Paleis - Royal Palace© visit.brussels - Global View - S. Schmitt - 2015
Mont des Art from the air

Welcome to Brussels, the capital of the Kingdom of Belgium and of Europe. It is the heart of the European Union. You are less than two hours by train from London, Paris, Amsterdam and Cologne. Have you noticed that various languages are spoken here? That's not a coincidence. After all, you're in the most cosmopolitan city in Europe. A city that is alive both day and night. You can attend more than 23,000 cultural events every year.  

Brussels is a city on a human scale. A compact city that you can easily cross on foot, by bike, with the bus, the tram or the metro. Be sure to meet the people of Brussels. You’ll notice that they are friendly and hospitable. Perhaps they're a little bit atypical, but then again, Brussels is the capital of Surrealism, comic books, Art Nouveau, chocolate and beer.   

Explore our city. Discover the most beautiful square in the world and thousands of secret spots. And don't forget to indulge in some good food. After all, it’s part of the tradition here. Did you know that half of Brussels is made up of parks and gardens? That life is cheaper here than in most other capitals? You'll soon find out, because Brussels is a city where everyone feels at home.  

Brussels in figures

Inhabitants : 1,2 million
Nationalities : 182
Official languages : 2 (French and Dutch)
Languages spoken: 108
Cultural events a year: 23.000
Museums: 100
Restaurants: 2.000
International associations: 5.000
Lobbyists: 20.000
Municipalities: 19

The capital of Belgium

Brussels is the capital of Belgium, a small but fascinating kingdom in the centre of Europe. It has everything you could possibly want, all in less than 31,000 km². Historical cities, beautiful nature, amazing architecture, the sea, art, gastronomy and - let’s not forget - more than eleven and a half million warm-hearted Belgians. They are among the most creative and enterprising of all Europeans. The most surreal, you say? Yes, that too! 

In the past Belgium has been Burgundian, Spanish, Austrian, French and Dutch territory. Today it’s a federal state with three regions: Flanders in the north, Wallonia in the south and the Brussels-Capital Region, more or less in the middle. Oh yes, there are also three communities in Belgium: one Flemish, one French and one German-speaking. Complicated, you say? It is, rather. 

Beer, chocolate and comic books are never far away, you’ll come across them in all kinds of places. But don't forget to explore all the other traditions that make life in Belgium so unique. From cycling during the day to the latest nightlife trends. Come and see for yourself!