Five reasons to visit Brussels

22 February 2022
Mont des Arts

Five reasons. The list could have had 50 or 500 reasons, because Brussels is just that great. But hey, we don’t want to scare you off (long reads, eww!) Our goal is to entice you to book your city trip to Brussels.

You’ve probably come across the most-famous must-sees already, on a postcard or on your friends’ Instagram feed. But don’t skip them, they’re definitely worth a visit. Fancy taking the elevator to the highest sphere at the Atomium to float high above Brussels? It’s a no-brainer! Is seeing the Grand-Place on your bucket list? Then visit the most beautiful square in the world. While you’re there, go and say hello to Manneken-Pis, who lives just around the corner. He really is a little cutie, with his wardrobe of more than one thousand costumes!

Why should Brussels be added to your travel list?


1. Because time travel is real in Brussels

Would you like to take a journey back to the Middle Ages, the romantic 19th century, or the future? Brussels can be your time travel tour guide! Lovers of architecture and heritage will truly feel at home here. In a single day, you can visit the Palace of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, stroll through one of the first covered shopping arcades in Europe, be blown away by the majestic beauty of Art Nouveau interiors and stroll through garden suburbs that date back to the start of the 20th century. If you’re an expert planner, you might even have time to admire the Europa building or immerse yourself in an exciting VR adventure! This is where all the periods mingle, creating an unrivalled, surprisingly eclectic and stunningly beautiful experience.

Ommegang - Brussels Renaissance Festival
 Atomium (c) Raphael Biscaldi

2. Because Brussels has more cultural events per capita than New York

We are being modest here: the amount of culture on offer is... astounding. Brussels has more than one hundred museums and just as many concert halls, theatres, cultural centres and art galleries. All fighting for a well-deserved spot in your schedule. The top events happening soon are listed on in the agenda section of our website, but if you can’t see the wood for the trees, we would love to help you choose. And you could use the Brussels Card for great savings on a museum binge.

Bozar - Henri Le Boeuf (c) DR/GR
Brussels Gallery Weekend (c) Antoine Porcher

3. Because Brussels is one of the greenest cities in Europe

Maps of Brussels are covered in green. This is because half of the city is made up of parks, woods, and other green spaces which off numerous options to escape vibrant city life and relax in lush oases of tranquillity. Brussels also scores well on sustainability in other areas. City farms, vegetable gardens, ecological occupations and short-chain restaurants are popping up like mushrooms. Since the lockdown, Brussels can also justifiably claim to be a bicycle-friendly city. And did you know that Brussels has one of the largest pedestrian zones in Europe, second only to Venice?   

Florist's gardens
The Garden Cities Le Logis and Floréal

4. Because Brussels is the most cosmopolitan city on the continent

Brussels is super diverse. Its role as the capital of Europe helps a lot, of course. This is where you can observe Europe in action and it is much more fascinating than you might imagine! In this melting pot, 183 nationalities live together and speak 104 languages. ‘A global city on a human scale’ sums it up perfectly. Walking around, you’ll find yourself hopping from one district to another, and travelling the entire globe in just one day. Don’t forget to feast your eyes and all your other senses!

The Europa building
Matongé - a taste of Africa

5. Because this city is just so damn full of fun and goodness

Let’s be honest, this might just be the main reason you should visit - as long as you are someone who enjoys having a good time. If so, Brussels is the perfect place for you. It’s a culinary paradise. Belgian cuisine rubs shoulders with delicious food from all four corners of the world. We’ve stopped counting the number of microbreweries in Brussels. Chocolatiers keep conjuring up scandalously tasty creations. And the best chips are made here in Brussels.

Are you a fan of hip ‘n happening little spots? Brussels has lots of them for you, with its many unique and quirky boutiques, vintage shops, and concept stores. There’s even an old-fashioned flea market waiting for you to unearth some unlikely treasures.

The people of Brussels enjoy life to the full, and you can tell by the great cafes, lively bars, and busy nightclubs. It’s no surprise Brussels came twelfth on the list of best dating cities. Are you in the mood for love?

Dansaert - fashion district
concert - vie nocturne - nightlife - foule - danser - fête
Brussels' nightlife