The sales in Brussels!

03 March 2022
People shopping in the Dansaert area

January and July are synonymous with sales. Brussels' shopping streets are packed with people making the most of a whole month of bargains! During the sales, Brussels is the destination of choice for shopaholics!

Save on fashion and electronics or unearth bargains in the capital's furniture shops. Choose your shopping district according to what you are looking for and enjoy the many discounts available in Brussels' shops!

Dates of the winter and summer sales

  • Winter: 3 to 31 January
  • Summer: 1 to 31 July

Where can you find the best deals?

For those looking for designer clothes, head for the lower part of the city. During the sales in the Dansaert district, find that item that you never dared to buy. Then head for the upper part of the city where Avenue Louise and Chaussée de Waterloo showcase major luxury brands.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for classic brands, other shopping streets such as rue Neuve are real landmarks for the major international brands, Zara, H&M, UNIQLO, Primark, Fnac, etc. Brussels also has several galleries and shopping centres where you can find all types of shops to satisfy your desires in one place.

People shopping in Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert

The sales are also the ideal time to refresh your children's wardrobe. You can always find attractive offers in children's shops. Take advantage of reduced prices to replace their worn or undersized clothing!

Are you a conscientious consumer? Brussels offers its share of ethical shops where you can buy environmentally friendly items. Take advantage of the July sales to invest in purchases that will last! What if you don't want something new? Then indulge in Brussels' many boutiques that give pride of place to second-hand and vintage items.

Parking app

To avoid traffic jams or wasting time finding a space, don't hesitate to take public transport. For those who take the car, we suggest that you download the app to help you quickly find a parking space.

Tax refund for non-EU citizens

If you are a non-European resident, you can benefit from a VAT reimbursement (the VAT rate in Belgium is 21%) on items purchased costing over €125.01. The stores displaying a “Tax-free shopping” logo will give you a tax refund form when you show them your passport. Please note, not all the shops operate this system, so it’s best to ask before you buy.

When you leave Belgium, customs officers will stamp your form and till receipts. Before check-in, go to the customs office and present your completed form, passport, till receipts and new purchases (the price labels must still be attached) to receive the stamp.

You will then be able to reclaim your refund at the “Europe Tax-Free Shopping Desk” located in the departure lounge of Brussels airport. They will reimburse you in cash or on your credit card.