Top 10 best spots for prawn croquettes in Brussels: edition 2022

01 April 2022
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Crunchy outside and fluffy inside, these classics of Belgian cuisine are eaten with a squeeze of lemon juice and deep-fried parsley.
Ever-present on the menus of countless restaurants, it’s hard to know where to find the best ones. Thankfully, in 2018, launched a competition to find the restaurants serving up the best shrimp croquettes in the capital.

Has all this talk got your mouth watering? Perfect, because here’s our top 10 from the 2022 edition of the competition. The great champion this year is Les Brasseries Georges. The chefs’ favourite is Les Petits Oignons.

1. Les Brasseries Georges

Les Brasseries Georges is the most Parisian of Brussels institutions! Known for its Art Deco setting and its seafood counter, this restaurant offers seafood and Belgian specialities such as the veal kidney fricassee, a Suprême of Malines chicken, the traditional vol-au-vent and even a revisited version made with seafood! There's something for everyone!

Waiter at Brasseries Georges carrying 2 plates each with 2 shrimp croquettes, parsley and lemon

2. Todt's Café

Todt’s Café is a small and cosy restaurant in a pedestrian street between the Marolles and the Sablon. Here, the focus is on Belgian and Brussels culinary specialities. Try the shrimp croquettes, obviously, the meatballs in tomato sauce or the vol-au-vent.

Shrimp croquette from Todt's café, Brussels

3. Chez Léon

Chez Léon was named after its founder Léon Vanlancker. This well-established restaurant in Brussels, is located in the famous Rue des Bouchers. If you’re craving mussels and chips, this is your go-to place. Since 1888, several other Belgian dishes were added to the menu, such as shrimp croquettes or tomatoes with shrimps, waterzooi, stoemp, vol-au-vent, Flemish stew... All accompanied by Léon beer. Did you save room for dessert? Try a Brussels or Léon waffle or enjoy a Léon coffee.

4. L'Improbable

L’Improbable treats you to a bistronomic experience in a warm atmosphere. This restaurant and bar is located in Ixelles. All the dishes are made with local and seasonal products. Sit back and relax in an elegant, refined and modern setting.

5. Albert

Albert is the little brother of Albertine, the former name of KBR, which is located on the Mont des Arts. Drop by at any given time of the day, you’ll enjoy dishes and pastries prepared with local products from a short circuit. At this restaurant, everything is done in a sustainable way. Go to the fifth floor of the Royal Library for a gourmet break and take in the stunning view of the capital.

6. Le Variétés

Le Variétés is located in the Flagey building, and it is frequented by many inhabitants of Brussels. This brasserie/rotisserie serves local specialities, including delicious roast chicken. You can also opt for roast ham, entrecôte, steak tartare or the delicious Yser (or Berliner) balls for dessert. Expect a beautiful setting and an impeccable service.

7. Beaucoup Fish

The menu at Beaucoup Fish is made up of the fruits of the sea and nothing but the sea. Chef Sofie Warnants offers a cuisine that features produce fresh from the market, in a contemporary setting.

8. Les Petits Oignons (chefs’ favourite)

Les Petits Oignons can be found in the Sablon quarter. This restaurant offers French cuisine with a Mediterranean touch. Chef Khaled Zoughlami prepares brasserie-style dishes such as sauerkraut in winter and mussels in summer. You can also try his minestrone, risotto, Italian or Belgian steak tartare or navarin of lamb.

Les Petits Oignons chefs in the kitchen preparing their croquettes

9. La Taverne du Passage

Situated at the heart of the capital, in the Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries, La Taverne du Passage is a brasserie that serves mainly French cuisine. Treat yourself to some Belgian specialities such as shrimp croquettes, steak tartare and the perfectly poached egg.

10. The 1040

Jean-Philippe Watteyne – a former contestant on TV cooking competition Top Chef – has moved to Sofitel Brussels Europe. At The 1040 you can enjoy brasserie cuisine where the Belgian classics are revisited with a little bit of added creativity from the chef.

Chef Jean-Philippe Watteyne in the kitchen, 1040, shrimp croquettes, brussels

Fernand Obb Delicatessen (winner of the two previous competitions – in 2018 and 2019)

The winner of the two previous editions of the “Brussels’ Best Shrimp Croquettes Competition” teamed up with the jury this year. Fernand Obb Delicatessen still has its award-winning croquette on the menu, which has largely contributed to this house’s reputation as the best Brussels canteen for fans of low prices and no fuss.

Fernand Obb Delicatessen, counter, street food restaurant in Brussels (Saint-Gilles), Cédric Mosbeux

Top 10 - Edition 2019:

  1. Fernand Obb Delicatessen - Rue de Tamines 27, 1060 Saint-Gilles
  2. The 1040 – Place Jourdan 1, 1040 Etterbeek
  3. Beaucoup Fish – Rue Van Gaver 2, 1000 Brussels
  4. Le Rossini – Boulevard Adolphe Max 7, 1000 Brussels
  5. Les Caves d’Alex – Rue Eugène Cattoir 14, 1050 Ixelles
  6. Lola – Place du Grand Sablon 33, 1000 Brussels
  7. Aux Armes de Bruxelles – Rue des Bouchers 13, 1000 Brussels
  8. Racine Carrée – Chaussée de Waterloo 1127, 1180 Uccle
  9. Les Petits Bouchons – Chaussée d’Alsemberg 832, 1180 Uccle
  10. Les Brasseries Georges – Avenue Winston Churchill 259, 1180 Uccle