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April / May

Kevin Perlot - Vertige

The first thing you notice when entering the cosy Vertige in the Saint Catherine neighbourhood is how young the kitchen team is. Chef Kevin Perlot is one of the most brilliant ambassadors of the young generation that is gradually taking over the reins in Brussels.

Perlot could not imagine a better school than the kitchen of his mentor San Degeimbre. There he laid the foundations of his refined, contemporary, plant-based style. The chef also offers a vegetarian menu alongside his traditional seasonal menu. A visit to his restaurant, or a meal on board the Tram Experience, is an opportunity to discover the cuisine of a future great.


Menu from 28th of March to 21st of May 2023



Crispy brick dough, East Indian cherry emulsion, pearly scallops

Toasted eggs, carrot, lemon thyme emulsion, croutons

Cauliflower flan with hazelnut butter, green juice and roasted yeast 



Marinated and flame grilled mackerel, white asparagus, asparagus dashi, kombu dressing

Gnocchi with lovage, caper emulsion, first beans

(only for the 7 course menu)



'Pigeon des Collines', confit legs, wild garlic, spinach and grilled green asparagus, spice of walnut & parmesan 



Candied rhubarb, tagetes yoghurt mousse, cardamom biscuit


Menu developed by the chefs and created by caterer Thibault Granville – Taste Great

To inform us of any other dietary restrictions, please contact as soon as possible before booking. We try to accommodate all of our customers as much as possible, but due to the limited space available in the kitchen on board the tram, the feasibility of all special requests must be assessed in advance by our teams.