7 addresses for ethical shopping in Brussels

27 April 2022
Ethical skincare shop MakeSenz

Do you prefer sustainable shopping? In Brussels, environmentally responsible shops and concept stores are in high demand. Far from the major chains, we offer you 7 essential addresses for 100% ethical shopping in Brussels.

WILD LAB - Everybody Agrees: ethical shopping & food

Here's a concept store that will warm your heart this winter. This cosy space, with its wooden floor and pretty green plants, offers ethical clothes and healthy but gourmet dishes. Located in a pleasant neighbourhood of Saint-Gilles, WILD LAB, it's the perfect place for sustainable and environmentally-friendly shopping. As for fashion, their collection is 80% vegan. This ethical address in Brussels reminds us that sustainable fashion can also be very stylish!

We don’t want to spoil the surprise but, the food is great too, whether you go for breakfast or lunch. Revisited porridge, Power Bowl, fresh fruit, generous salads... Their menu is mainly vegetarian and made with local produce.

Machao: colours from the heart of the Marolles

You'll find Machao in the heart of the Marolles. It's a boutique and workshop dedicated to refurbishing old furniture and textile creations. Their values? To give the old a new life, in a colourful, responsible and modern way. The magical hands of Myriam Zahri craft each item, giving it a unique quality and identity.

Valérie Berckmans: an ethical Belgian creator

Valérie Berckmans, is a line of 100% sustainable and eco-responsible Belgian ready-to-wear clothing. Designed for women, the brand focuses on graphic cuts and a minimalist style. The clothes are made with fabrics from fair trade and organic farming.

Since 2015, the designer has also joined the drive for zero waste. She reuses her production waste to create a collection for children. Visit her ethical shop in the heart of Brussels.

Orybany: a sharing space & responsible shopping in Brussels

A boutique of creators and ethical brands in Brussels, Orybany has everything you need. Clothing, jewellery, accessories, small decorations... Here, the circular economy is king and all creators aim to work in an ethical and sustainable way.

More than a store, Orybany is also a warm and versatile place of sharing. You can attend workshops: zero waste gift wrapping, recycled sewing, knitting, cardboard toys... All in a light and friendly atmosphere.

Lokal: ethical and respectful shopping

Every month, Lokal selects new designers and exhibits them in its typically Brussels concept store. Their choice of artisans is guided by a search for authenticity and sustainability, which allows them to offer ethically produced textiles. Lokal regularly organises events to promote the designers, their know-how and their story.

MakeSenz: the masters of sustainable cosmetics in Brussels

Are you looking for an ethical cosmetics store in Brussels? Then MakeSenz will not disappoint! When it comes to cosmetics, choosing organic products has a double advantage: not only do they take care of your skin, but they look after the planet.

MakeSenz, located in Ixelles, is focusing on more natural care, (ecologically responsible!) vegetable oils and certified organic products. Say goodbye to endocrine disruptors, the chemicals that are harmful to the planet and to our bodies. With MakeSenz, you take care of yourself and nature.

MakeSenz shop window

SuperGreen Me: sustainable shopping for the whole family

SuperGreen Me is the top ethical address in Brussels for the whole family. Clothing, organic cosmetics, hygiene products, lingerie: this fair fashion boutique offers items for women, men and children.

Their goal? To promote ethical and accessible fashion for as many people as possible. Their products are ecological, recycled, organically grown... In short, at SuperGreen Me, they don't mess around when it comes to our planet! Their shop is located on rue Van Artevelde, in the centre of Brussels.