Sustainable restaurants in Brussels

12 April 2022

Looking for a sustainable restaurant? Seventy-six establishments in Brussels hold the “Good Food Resto” label. This label promotes restaurants that opt for produce that is local, seasonal and cultivated in an environmentally-friendly manner, offering alternatives to animal proteins and limiting food wastage. Some of them even have the Slow Food label, which recognises establishments that respect nature, produce and people. Discover our selection of sustainable and responsible restaurants.

Les Filles

Les Filles are Marion, Sophie, Sarah, Sam and their teams. They welcome you to their establishments in the city centre, at the BELvue Museum and in Uccle to offer you a pleasant gourmet experience in a warm setting and family atmosphere. You’ll feel right at home around a large table laid with family crockery, in a setting of vintage frames with family photos, and shelves decked with colourful casserole dishes. The menu is home-made and naturally gluten-free, consisting of fresh, organic, local, farm and artisanal produce.

sustainable restaurant in Brussels (the Vivier d'Oie in Uccle, Dansaert - Sainte-Catherine or royal neighbourhoods)


Horia means “freedom” in Arabic and this is what Isabelle drew upon to open this restaurant with Moroccan and Lebanese cuisine in the Saint-Géry district: the freedom to offer traditional eastern cuisine in a multicultural neighbourhood, which can bring together different cultures, but also the freedom, as a woman, to decide to pursue her passions. At Horia, sample eastern culture and flavours through meatless or vegan dishes: hummus, aubergine caviar, etc.. The drinks are organic or fair trade and the beers come from local Brussels breweries. Authenticity, quality, ‘home-made’ and ‘ethical’ are some of the words that best describe Horia.

Horia, sustainable restaurant in Brussels (the Saint-Géry - Dansaert - Bourse neighbourhoods)

Super Fourchette

Super Fourchette is a restaurant, record shop and concert venue, right in the heart of the capital, between place De Brouckère and the Sainte-Catherine district. It offers comfort food that is home-made using produce from small producers and short supply chains. The establishment follows a zero-waste philosophy and gives you the option of taking away everything its sells you in its reusable bowls. As for the music, you will not be disappointed! Concerts are organised regularly and you can buy vinyl and cassettes from independent groups on site.

Super Fourchette, sustainable restaurant in Brussels

Bel Mundo

Bel Mundo, in the former Belvue brewery in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, is an initiative by Atelier Groot Eiland, a social economy association that trains job-seekers and collaborates with others in work adapted for people with disabilities. Its cuisine is based on local and seasonal produce but also unsold produce from the morning market and supermarkets. The fruit and vegetables are grown in the garden just behind the restaurant. The restaurant’s furniture is also sustainable, as it’s made from recycled palette wood. Bel Mundo aspires to build “a beautiful world” through its project.

Le Phare du Kanaal

Le Phare du Kanaal, a modern canteen, café, bar and coworking space in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, is managed by The Mug. This hybrid establishment provides you with office services and event rooms, while preparing home-made dishes and pastries with local and seasonal products. Chefs Sara and François share what they value with you: flavour and local and artisanal products. You can’t miss the restaurant, thanks to its facade covered with a magnificent mural depicting a ship on the high seas. Inside, the floor may be sloping but you will never feel like you are pitching. Welcome aboard!

Le Phare du Kanaal, sustainable restaurant in Brussels (Molenbeek-Saint-Jean)


Brut is the project of Alice, Benoît and Léonard. They founded this gastronomic restaurant and caterer in Ixelles, with the aim of providing you with a healthy and surprising gourmet experience. To do so, they offer you high-quality raw produce, embellished by their cooking. The raw produce comes directly from their vegetable garden or from local producers and artisans. Their ethical and environmentally-friendly approach also extends to the presentation of produce (in biodegradable packaging, etc.) and the restaurant’s decor based on the reuse of salvaged materials.

Auberge des Maïeurs

L’Auberge des Maïeurs, which lies within the walls of a Brussels heritage-listed building in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, is the restaurant of Sarah and Jérémy, a farming couple who built the project and were joined by Dimitri, the chef. From farm to plate, they offer you the shortest possible supply chain: vegetables from their organic farm and other local, seasonal and organic produce, all enhanced by country-style and inventive cooking, and guided by the seasons. L’Auberge des Maïeurs aims to help you discover the taste of great produce.

Auberge des Maïeurs, sustainable restaurant in Brussels (Woluwe-Saint-Pierre)

Boentje Café

A ‘boentje’ is a Brussels expression denoting a pronounced feeling of infatuation. This feeling best characterises Victoria and Sandrine’s affinity for local and seasonal produce, which they convey through their café and eatery in Schaerbeek. They operate a zero-waste philosophy: returnable containers, stainless steel straws, cloth napkins, salvaged decoration, etc. They have a passion for the circular economy and their share their philosophy through workshops. As for the food, you can sample classic Belgian home-made recipes that are reworked in omnivore, vegetarian, vegan or even gluten-free versions. Everything is served with Brussels-roasted fair trade coffee, infusions made from plants grown in the capital or local beer.


Chabrol”, or “faire chabrol” or “chabrot”, is an Occitan oral expression and a thrifty rural gesture by which you extend your soup at the end of the meal by adding a glass of wine so as not to leave anything in the bowl. It is a tradition shared by the two restaurant owners and sisters with their (great) grandparents, hence the name of their establishment in Schaerbeek. With their team, they seek to make you feel at home as well as indulge you, with traditional family cooking that revisits the dishes of their childhood. Supply is central to the project and limiting waste also requires creativity!

Chabrol, sustainable restaurant in Brussels (Schaerbeek)


Bouchéry in Uccle is the gastronomic restaurant of Bénédicte Bantuelle and head chef Damien Bouchery. In collaboration with his culinary art director, he offers menus based on vegetables with a touch off wild herbs, which he gathers in nature. His produce comes from local and ethical farmers or is home-made, such as the cheese and butter. Through their dishes and desserts the two partners invite you to breath in, taste and enjoy wonderful produce with all your senses.

Bouchéry, sustainable restaurant in Brussels (Uccle)

To find out which establishments hold the “Good Food Resto” label and for more information about this label and the criteria for being certified as sustainable, visit the Good Food Brussels website.