Where to eat vegetarian or vegan food in Brussels

12 April 2022
Vertige, restaurant in Brussels suggesting a vegetarian menu (Sainte-Catherine neighbourhood)

Are you vegetarian or vegan? There are countless restaurants in Brussels with menus packed full of delicious meat-free options. For some it's their speciality! Discover our selection of addresses that will delight your taste buds.

Our favourite vegetarian and vegan spots

Liu Lin

Liu and Lin are the two managers of this 100% vegan restaurant in the Sablon district. The two sisters invite you to taste the cuisine of their home country, Taiwan. The names of the dishes on the menu will confuse you at first, as they sound and look like they contain meat: calamari rings, shrimp fritters... But when you taste them, you'll discover that you have been fooled! If you like vegan food then you'll undoubtedly be seduced by this cuisine that offers tofu, soy and shiitake mushrooms. Liu Lin's goal is to convert carnivores to veganism and once you've tried their food, you may well make the switch.

Liu Lin, vegan restaurant in Brussels (Sablon neighbourhood)

Lil Bao

A little further down rue des Alexiens is a second restaurant by the same owners. Lil Bao also draws inspiration from traditional Taiwanese cuisine, mainly gua bao. This steamed bun is usually eaten with pork but at Lil Bao, vegan versions steal the show. You will not find any animal product in this kitchen! The menu features some funky bao that stun even the most stubborn meat eaters. Come and see... and taste!

Liu Lin, vegan restaurant in Brussel (Zavelwijk)

The Judgy Vegan

In the heart of Brussels, The Judgy Vegan Café and Bar prepares, as its name suggests, vegan dishes, pastries and drinks. It also invites you to relax in its armchairs and enjoy its board games. You can get some work done here and there's even a play corner for children. Dogs are also welcome and will be served water. The Judgy Vegan aims to be a comfortable and welcoming place for everyone.

The Judgy Vegan, restaurant in Brussels (Marolles neighbourhood)

Resto Recyclart

Resto Recyclart is a 100% vegan restaurant that offers you a unique menu that changes with the seasons and the inspiration of its head chef. Here, they invite you to be delighted by their vegan dishes, so come to Molenbeek and enjoy a homemade kombucha or a vegan cappuccino. Every Tuesday evening, they serve up a five-course, seasonal menu.

Resto Recyclart, vegan restaurant in Brussels (Molenbeek-Saint-Jean)

Le Botaniste

Le Botaniste is a plant-based and organic concept that serves 'botanical prescriptions', just like at a herbalist. It all started in a 19th century pharmacy when Alain Coumont, founder of the famous Le Pain Quotidien, opened his first bar in Ghent. Le Botaniste aims to treat you to a pleasant experience, while doing something good for your health and that of the planet. They offer fast but healthy food and invites you to travel and taste cuisine from around the world. It also invites you to sample the many flavours and textures of vegetables. Enjoy "prescriptions bowls" and other creative and plant-powered dishes, accompanied by natural wine and a bright atmosphere. Pop into their locations in the Schuman and Bailli districts!

humus x hortense

humus x hortense is one of the most interesting vegetarian restaurants in Europe. Located in Ixelles, it offers botanical cuisine. It's highly technical and showcases the best of what comes from the land and conveying the love that chef Nicolas Decloedt and mixologist Caroline Baerten have for nature. They are committed leaders ofSoilmates activist movement. The H & H experience is also enjoyed in a glass, as they serve natural wines, cocktails and other creative drinks. Quality is present in their gastronomy, but also in their presentation of the dishes composed like art photographs, the setting of the location and the ceramics. It's a real treat for the eyes and the taste buds!

humus x hortense, vegetarian restaurant in Brussels (Flagey neighbourhood in Ixelles)


Savage is a plant-based restaurant in Ixelles, where vegetables are king. Meat and fish are optional extras and the menu is unique, constantly changing according to the seasons. Through his cooking, chef Joel Rammelsberg shares with you his way of eating and his commitment to nature and the climate. The cuisine he serves is the one he has known since his childhood and reflects the idea of responsible consumption. At Savage, enjoy smoked carrots, barbecued artichokes and seaweed and sneak a peek at the chef while he prepares his dishes. A highlight is their unbeatable value for money lunch menu.

Savage, restaurant in Brussels suggesting vegetarian and vegan dishes (Saint-Boniface neighbourhood in Ixelles)


Located in the popular rue de Flandre, Vertige was conceived by chef Sang Hoon Degeimbre under the name San Bruxelles. Today, this restaurant offers sustainable, committed and modern gastronomy with a focus on nature. The chef, Kevin Perlot, who worked in the kitchens of Sang Degeimbre’s L’air du temps, offers inventive and creative gastronomic cuisine with a focus on vegetables, although a meat menu is also available. On the menu, you can enjoy 'beetroot sweets', 'cabbage from our gardens', Jerusalem artichokes and salsify. In short, it's a treat for the eyes and the palate.

Vertige, restaurant in Brussels suggesting a vegetarian menu (Sainte-Catherine neighbourhood)

Places serving vegan or vegetarian option

Finally, you should know that a handful of gastronomic restaurants in our capital offer complete vegetarian or vegan menus. La Canne en Ville in Ixelles, which holds a Michelin star, specialises in French cuisine. It serves a four to six-course seasonal vegetarian menu both at lunchtime and in the evening.

La Canne en Ville, restaurant in Brussels suggesting a vegetarian menu (Châtelain neighbourhood in Ixelles)