Ixelles & St-Gilles

The chips and ponds of Flagey

A short walk away is the European Quarter’s trendy next-door neighbour, the Flagey district. This cosmopolitan melting pot is a cultural hub where people come to have a good time and kick back. While waiting for the hip terraces on Place Flagey to reopen, you will need to patiently queue (always a good sign!) in front of Frit'Flagey, a chip shop that attracts hungry customers day and night. On Saturdays and Sundays, why not kill three birds with one stone, with a walk along the ponds, fresh farm produce from the market and crispy chips!

Frit'Flagey, Place Eugène Flagey 1050 Ixelles


Châtelain's chips and trendy spots

On the other side of the elegant Avenue Louise, which borders Flagey, lies the Châtelain district. For architecture lovers, this is one of Brussels' best Art Nouveau spots. It also boasts a concentration of art galleries and trendy gourmet eateries. Among these, a special mention must go to chip bar Bintje, where the organic chips are home-made (and can be enjoyed alongside classic or veggie burgers); and the famous burgers and chips at Rambo!   

Bintje, Rue Simonis 62


Chips and the Art Nouveau of Saint-Gilles

From the Châtelain district and on to its neighbour Saint-Gilles, Art Nouveau is everywhere! Take a stroll through a neighbourhood which is essentially an open-air museum. In addition to its unique facades, from the most discreet to the most exuberant, its hidden parks and flamboyant town hall, a walk through Saint-Gilles offers two must-visit locations for lovers of chips. A few metres from the Barrière de Saint-Gilles roundabout, La Barrière chip shop has welcomed generations of devoted foodies. And a little further down, the parvis de Saint Gilles is home to not only the Sunday market, but Patatak, a foodie favourite that reinvents the "fritkot" with a "100% made with love, local, home-made" vibe.  

Patatak, Parvis de Saint-Gilles 31 1060 Saint-Gilles