Eight of the best places to buy beer in Brussels

08 March 2022

Do you appreciate the finer things in life? Then you must love Belgian beers! White, blond, brown, triple... everyone in Brussels has their favourite. However, if you're looking to broaden your horizons, you can always seek the advice of connoisseurs. 

We in Belgium are so lucky that beer is part of our heritage, and even part of our DNA! Brussels is teeming with specialised breweries and bars where you can taste this most precious of beverages. You might want to build up your own stock of beers for your next evening with friends. People are proud of their wine cellars, so why not develop a beer cellar that will be the envy of many. The following shops specialise in beer and will be delighted to guide you in your choice. 

1. Beer Mania

Beer Mania is a veritable beer merchant, who is always on hand to offer advice. More than 400 traditional Belgian beers are on display, including rare and ancient beers.

2. De Biertempel – Belgium’s best beers

With more than 25 years of expertise and almost 1,000 types of beer, De Biertempel offers a wide selection that mainly focuses on craft and rare beers.

vitrine du magasin de Biertempel
iStock-De Biertempel

3. Huens

Opened in 1917, Huens is the oldest beer shop in Brussels. Located in a university district, it is a favourite with students. The offer is constantly evolving.

4. Le Barboteur

Le Barboteur is a dynamic and vibrant beer boutique that explores tastes from here and elsewhere. You'll also find small selections of wines and sake from time to time.

Le Barboteur

5. Les Fleurs du Malt

In addition to hundreds of artisanal beers, Les Fleurs du Malt has a delicatessen on site and regularly organises tasting evenings and brewing training courses. 

6. Malt Attacks

Nearly 600 types of Belgian and foreign craft beers. A special feature of Malt Attacks is the possibility to fill a "growler" - a large reusable bottle - with draught beer.

7. Malting Pot

Malting Pot has a superb selection of craft beers from Belgium and abroad. More than 200 types, that will satisfy all taste buds.

choix de bière chez Malting Pot
© Malting Pot

8. Prik & Tik

Specialists in beverages of all kinds, Prik & Tik has a large assortment of Belgian and foreign beers brewed on a large scale (more than 500).