Gastronomic tours

09 March 2022
Taste Belgian beer culture during a gastronomic tour, (c)

Are you a true foodie, an incorrigible chocoholic or do you love a bit of craft beer? Then you're probably familiar with Brussels’ Big Four: beer, chocolate, chips and waffles. But Brussels’ culinary scene has so much more to offer. From small-scale microbreweries, young innovative chefs, cocoa artists, trendy coffee bars and exotic street food. Eat and drink your way through Brussels with gastronomic tours, workshops and culinary walks. 

Brussels, the capital of chocolate

Wil je alles te weten komen over Belgische chocolade? Neem dan deel aan een rondleiding en ontmoet vermaarde chocolatiers die Brussel nationaal en internationaal op de kaart zetten. De gidsen delen met jou al hun passie en vertellen je het prachtige verhaal dat begint bij de cacaoboon. Tijdens deze culinaire wandeling zul je watertanden bij het zien van de prachtige etalages en krijg je de kans om allerlei chocoladespecialiteiten te proeven: manons, truffels, studentenhaver, orangettes en andere zoetigheden die je in de vele boetieken terugvindt.

  • Do you want to pamper yourself for a change? Then join Bravo Discovery's tasting tour of great chocolatiers in the heart of the city. Or choose a customised tour through a private visit. These tours are available in French, English or Spanish.
  • Groovy Brussels also introduces you to the history of chocolate through a guided tour (in English) of various chocolatiers. Visit boutiques and taste their delicious chocolates.
  • A city tour where you get to taste chocolate and waffles? Yes, please! Legends of Brussels takes you for two and a half hour tour through the streets of Brussels on a historic and delicious tour.
  • Guides Brussels Belgium lets you discover sweet specialities through a tour of the capital's historic centre. For three hours you’ll stroll through the streets of Brussels, meet chocolatiers and uncover the history of chocolate in our country. It’s an ideal opportunity to learn more about Brussels’ sweet treat and a delight for the eyes and taste buds!
  • Is just chocolate not enough for you? With Hungry Mary, you’ll taste more than twenty culinary specialities in total. Between chocolate and beer tastings, feast your eyes upon the Grand-Place and indulge yourself with a portion of chips. Taste the essence of Brussels in one day

A pint with that

When someone mentions Brussels, you think of beer. Our beer culture is on the World Heritage List for a reason and this fantastic reputation stretches far beyond our borders. Brussels brewers have been making the tastiest beers from barley, malt, hops and water for centuries. This tradition is being kept alive by a new generation of microbreweries. Want to learn more about our vibrant beer history? Feel like exploring, tasting, experiencing it? Then sign up for a beer tasting session or brewery tour and be guided by true connoisseurs.

  • Ten years ago, there was only one brewery in Brussels. Since then, at least eighteen have sprung up and more keep coming. During this Bazaar Trottoir beer tour, you’ll discover how it all started, but especially what is going on now in the city centre, Anderlecht and the neighbourhood of Tour & Taxis.
  • During BeerWalk's historic beer tour, you’ll not only discover five different regional beers, but also lots of fascinating stories and historic landmarks.
  • Drinking beer is something you do with all your senses: hearing, seeing, smelling and tasting. Learning to distinguish the hoppy flavour and the malty notes among all the barley juice is what you do with the zythologists of Agalmalt. Highly recommended for true connoisseurs.
  • Raise your glasses and let the Brussels Beer Bus drive you around. Explore Brussels with an experienced guide in an old Volkswagen van and sample three local beers. Cheers!
  • Take a look behind the scenes on a brewery tour. Once in Brussels takes you to the Brasserie de la Senne at the Tour & Taxis site.
  • Not in the mood for a classic beer tasting? Play Hoppy Tour’s urban game! It’s an exciting treasure hunt around the Brussels cafés. Follow the right clues, find your way, crack the code and taste the best beer in town! A wonderful adventure to enjoy with friends, family or colleagues.

Tour around the top coffee shops

In Brussels, we have more than a knack for coffee. In recent years, excellent coffee roasters and bars have established themselves in the capital. During the Brussels Coffee Tour, you’ll visit the best coffee bars in the Canal District or Saint-Gilles. Espresso, cold brew coffee, organic home-roasted coffee beans, the best latte and retro filter coffee: you get to taste it all! During the tour, you'll also learn about the coffee business, new trends, the job of a barista and the science behind milk, sugar and flavours. The guide and coffee expert, Thomas Wyngaard, also teaches you how to decipher the information provided on a packet of coffee so that, in the future, you’ll only buy delicious and genuine coffee. Guided tours in French and English.


Decadent street food walk

Do you have a healthy appetite and are you not the biggest fan of diet culture? Welcome to the No Diet Club! During this food walk, you’ll get to know the best street food establishments in Brussels. It's best to skip breakfast, but the programme is absolutely worth the wait. Alternatively, what do you think of real Belgian chips cooked in suet, deliciously airy Greek puff pastry specialities, pizza fritta, the fresh flavours of Lebanese cuisine, a hearty smashburger, homemade cookies and pastéis de nata which would have the inhabitants of Belém falling over themselves? And yes, you can eat all of this in a three-hour tour. Saturdays only from 12 noon to 15:00, guided tour in French. Don't forget to book in advance.