The best places to buy chocolate in Brussels

13 April 2022

As the capital of chocolate, Brussels is full of shops where you can buy this delicious speciality. There are renowned chocolate makers, great classics, artisan craftsmen and rising stars. Here's our selection of Brussels chocolatiers.


Jean Neuhaus was the inventor of what he called the "praline". In 1912, this Swiss pharmacist of Italian origin had the original idea of replacing medicines with filled chocolates. In 1915, his wife Louise Agostini invented the ballotin, a specialist package to protect chocolates and present them attractively. Today, Neuhaus offers chocolates made with natural ingredients and Ecuadorian cocoa beans from a UTZ-certified, sustainable agriculture programme. Fall in love with the sweet treats of this authentic chocolate shop, which has been located in the Galerie de la Reine since it opened as a pharmacy in 1857.

Neuhaus, chocolatier, chocolate factory in Brussels (the Queen’s Gallery in the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, Grand-Place, Sablon, european neighbourhoods)

Laurent Gerbaud

Laurent Gerbaud, an artisan chocolatier and ice-cream maker, invites you to a journey of new and unexpected flavours, combining chocolate with sweet and sour, exotic fruits and spices: curry, Jamaican pepper, chai tea, Taggiasche black olive or Persian red berry. He also offers vegan chocolates as well as ice creams and sorbets, which also include vegan options. Observe the confectionary creation process in his workshop, which is open to the public, and to taste it in his tasting room by the Mont des Arts. He also has a shop near the Grand-Place.

Laurent Gerbaud, chocolatier in Brussels (Mont des Arts, Uccle)

The Belgian Chocolate Makers

Founded in 2020 by Italian chocolatier Elisabetta, TBCM offer their Chocomeli-brand handmade delicacies. They work with a Belgian pastry and chocolate maker, who selects and roasts the fair trade cocoa beans. In their boutique-workshop a stone's throw from the Mont des Arts, watch them make their sweets and fall in love with their creations: chocolates, bars, figurines, lollipops, but also ice creams, sorbets, macaroons and waffles.

Pierre Marcolini

Pierre Marcolini offers his fine handmade chocolates on the Place du Grand Sablon. Every year, this Belgian artisan chocolate maker of Italian origin, travels the globe in search of the best cocoa beans. He masters every stage of chocolate production, from the bean to the bar and all in a sustainable way. He also uses top-quality ingredients like pink berries from Morocco, pistachios from Iran, Sichuan pepper and Sicilian lemon.

Pierre Marcolini, chocolatier, chocolate factory in Brussels (the Queen’s Gallery in the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, Grand-Place, Sablon, Louise neighbourhoods, Uccle, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert)


A patisserie created in 1910, Wittamer has been offering chocolates in its shop on place du Grand Sablon since 1985. Their Sumo ganache, Tarragona praline, Pavés de Bruxelles, Dent du midi, Corn on the cob and sugar-free Pleine Santé chocolates will all have you melting with delight…


Founded by Mary Delluc in 1919, Mary creates fine chocolates. This applies to the raw materials, the recipes and the packaging. They also produce their delicacies by hand and pack them in vintage boxes which are genuine little works of art called "Evening chic", "Boîte anges" and "Princess". Sophistication is even reflected in the interior decor and the shop window of the Mary boutique and tea room. Originally established on rue Royale in an Art Deco style shop, Mary now also has boutiques in the Galeries de la Reine and on the Grand-Place.

Vanessa Renard

In her workshop-shop located in the European Quarter in Etterbeek, Vanessa Renard creates artisan chocolates with unique flavours: pralines with citrus jelly, fruit or spices, such as nutmeg, cardamom, tonka bean or Timut pepper. She even offers gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan treats like her peanut bar. The chocolate she uses is organic and fair trade.

Frederic Blondeel

Frederic Blondeel is a coffee roaster-cum-chocolatier, descended from a family of coffee roasters. To make his delicacies, he uses ingredients such as Belgian speculoos, vanilla from Tahiti, almonds and hazelnuts from Sicily and organic tea from Japan... You can meet him in his chocolate factory in Koekelberg, which is a shop, a roastery and an open workshop where you can watch him making his delicious creations. It is also a coffee and ice cream bar. Enjoy his chocolate squares, shells, florentines, orangettes, biscuits, chocolate pearls... Why not go for the no-added-sugar or vegan chocolate? Everything is homemade, as is his coffee and his ice cream.

Frederic Blondeel, chocolatier, chocolate factory in Brussels (Koekelberg)


MIKE&BECKY is run by a pair of chocolatiers from Germany and Russia who work exclusively with authentic cocoa and reduce the amount of (beet) sugar in their treats as much as possible. They also make sure not to use ingredients such as vanillin, soya lecithin or palm oil. What's more, they choose cocoa beans from direct trade and opt for organic products whenever possible. The two artisans select the precious beans and are masters of every step of chocolate making. Watch them creating their chocolate bars in their workshop in Uccle and take a break in their café and enjoy a delicious hot chocolate. Why not visit their other production site in Anderlecht?

MIKE&BECKY, chocolatier, chocolate factory in Brussels (Uccle)

Jérôme Grimonpon

French artisan chocolatier Jérôme Grimonpon offers "high-end delicacies" with no excess sugar, in his shop in Uccle. He roasts and refines the cocoa beans and offers his own collection of chocolates. He develops an ephemeral praline every month, as well as a pastry of the day and an ice cream of the month. He also creates fine, delicate chocolate sculptures: a fried egg for Easter, a handbag or high heels for Mother's Day, a bicycle... You won't be able to resist his works of art, chocolates, choux pastries, eclairs and other chocolaty pastries. Watch him create his irresistible treats in his open studio.

Jérôme Grimonpon, chocolatier, chocolate factory in Brussels (Uccle)

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