It’s raining. Now what?

27 January 2022
Rain picture

Brussels lives to the rhythm of the four seasons and that comes with plenty of charm! In fact, in Brussels you can sometimes even experience all four seasons in a single day! As the locals like to put it: “Het is weer kermis in de hel” (It’s party time in hell again), but they always have a smile on their face, regardless of the weather. 

Just imagine: you’ve planned all sorts of outdoor activities and suddenly the heavens open. Don’t panic, we know exactly how you can still make the most of your day while keeping the rain at bay! 


1. Brush up on your cultural knowledge, high and dry

Brussels is the ultimate museum city. It is currently home to 125 museums and new ones are opening their doors all the time. Whether you’re into ancient, modern or contemporary art, design, biology or astronomy, every area of interest is covered on the Brussels museum scene.
Struggling to choose? We’ve listed the capital’s most visited museums for you. Looking for something quirky? Then these unusual museums are definitely worth a visit. If your museum frenzy is getting the better of you and you want to combine all your visits for the best possible price, we strongly recommend the Brussels Card.

Two persons admiring a Magritte painting

2. Seek refuge in Brussels’ finest heritage gems

Brussels may not be the most obvious open-air museum, but if you hop on the sightseeing train (not necessarily literally!), you’re in for a surprising ride. Try Tootbus, a hop-on-hop-off tour in an electric bus, to discover the city without getting wet in the rain. From the Atomium to the Grand-Place or from the Mont des Arts to the European Quarter: sit on the edge of your seat and treat your eyes to a real feast. Do churches, cathedrals and basilicas make your heart skip a beat? Then you’re in for a treat in Brussels. The Cathedral of Saints Michael and Gudula, the Church of Our Blessed Lady of the Sablon, the Church of Our Lady of Laeken and the Basilica of the Sacred Heart are some fine examples. Inside, the sun is always shining and you can completely relax surrounded by all the historical splendour.

inside Sainte Catherine's church

The list of heritage treasures that you can visit seems endless. A few gems you should definitely put on your list are the Palace of Justice, the City of Brussels town hall and the Saint-Gilles town hall. Yep, that’s right, the commune of Saint-Gilles has its very own town hall! And did you know that, with the Art Nouveau Pass, you can access the most beautiful Art Nouveau houses at an unbeatable price?

Hannon Hotel

3. Go for indoor shopping fun

At times the simplest of things are the most enjoyable. Sometimes you just feel like a good old ‘shop-till-you-drop’ day. And once again, Brussels is the place to be, even when it rains. Head to indoor shopping centres such as City 2, Docks Bruxsel, the Royal Saint Hubert Galleries, Galeria Inno and Westland Shopping Centre to get lost in shopping heaven for hours until you find that one item that was missing in your wardrobe or interior.
Exhausted but satisfied? Then it’s time to relax in a tearoom or recharge your batteries at an indoor food market. We recommend two: Wolf and the brand-new Gare Maritime Food Market.

 Gare Maritime Food Market

4. Unleash the child in you

Now that you’ve treated yourself to a healthy dose of art, culture and shopping, what can you do to make the day even more fun? How about games? And guess what? Brussels has plenty of fun places to choose from. Luna parks, arcades, indoor amusement parks, virtual-reality hotspots, escape rooms and board-game cafes... there’s something for everyone, including a museum dedicated to pinball, Instagram and video games! Pop and geek culture is everywhere in the Belgian capital: Are you in for some games?

Brussels Pixel Museum

5. Catch a movie

You will stay dry but we can’t guarantee you won’t cry... That depends on your taste in movies. There’s nothing more enjoyable than sinking into plush velvet seats with a bag of popcorn on your lap. Besides mainstream cinemas firing blockbusters at you, Brussels has a lot of independent cinemas, real gems showcasing the very best of the seventh art. From author’s films to art house films, B movies or cutting-edge documentaries... there’s something for everyone! Tip: get your last-minute tickets for film screenings at half price.

Palace Cinema

We can already guess your next question: “Yes, but how do I get from one location to the next without getting soaked?” Brussels has an excellent public transport network. Download the STIB/MIVB app to find out the quickest route. Safe and dry!