Our tips for when the sun comes out in Brussels

01 August 2023
 nature - détente - étang - beau temps - quartier européen

The weather's lovely today! And we don't mean cloudless blue skies and swimsuit temperatures, this isn't Ibiza after all. But we do feel the urge to get out and about, that hunger for an outdoor adventure, that yearning for a get together in a park or on a terrace. Observe the locals and just join in. With our tips, you can enjoy the variety of Brussels' outdoor activities to the fullest!

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The best way to discover Brussels? On foot. Just follow your nose or one of our do-it-yourself walks, you'll learn a lot about the diversity of Brussels' neighbourhoods, history, architecture, you name it. There are so many ways to read the city, to feel the city. And walks are good for your health too. Put on your walking shoes and feast your eyes on the capital!